Background of Client
DJSL! has been DJing for more than 20 years. Raised in a family of DJs, he grew up on Soul, Funk, R&B, and Classic Rock. Growing up with music always playing in the background, DJSL!expresses how, “music was always there for me and I considered it my only friend as a child”. DJSL! sites the highly acclaimed album “Nevermind” released by the group Nirvana in 1991 as one of his earliest inspirations. DJSL! felt that the possibilities in music were limitless and thus began his journey into other genres. With the love of music, the self proclaimed “The Real Dope” feels that there is never a dull moment in music, just Magic………..
Building The Logo
Art Direction
For this project I wanted to create a brand that could bridge the gap between young and old through music. I wanted to create a well readable logo that could be identified easily and can be used on multiple formats. Also, I wand to make a connection to the larger but separate brand NH4Life. This will show a form of continuity that helps the audience connect the two and connect the craftsmanship and quality of the two brands.
Brand Tag
Mixtape Album Covers

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