Background of Client
This was a personal project for me. This is something that has been in my mind for the last 15-16 years. So this is probably one of the hardest brands to create to date. 
Nasty House sells Branded material that creatively explores textures, elements, and idea's artfully. We believe in the power of a strong collective! The NHLife is a unique brand that holds elements of our past. It is a concoction of our lifestyle, family, and style. To describe the term Nasty, our definition originates from the slang form, which is used as a adjective, meaning Formidable. Formidable means to inspire awe or admiration because of great size, strength, excellence. To show that someone or something is very capable. House means a family, a group, or a collective of people that band together for common goals for the long haul.
Lash out on the World... Creatively!!!
Primary and Secondary Logos
Art Direction
For the Nasty House I wanted to draw from my past. Draw from my experiences from high school, and our youth. Major influences for this brand are from growing up in Texas. A lifestyle of being a rebel, being misunderstood, and a bit of underground urban music. A wanted to incorporate natural textures like wood grain. I enjoy the patterns that nature creates. Nasty House is a medley of tones of Black, with a pop of color here and there.
Collection 1 : The Foundation
To build a proper foundation, one must first clear all obsticals from view and concentrate on the basic elements before them.  
Goals for the project : 
Creating a full developed brand that has substance, that can tell a story, express ideas, and can be open to collaboration in the future.
Website : Under-construction

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